"I have no choice but to correct my wrong.
 Events have taken a wrong turn
 And the consequences will possibly be very grave
 If nothing is done.
 What shall I do and how shall I go forth?
 The Guardian of Future Time is starting
 To feel very uncomfortable with his actions."

It its the most beautiful I have ever seen,
 A tribute to mankind.
 Close their eyes, it is like it is a dream.
 It is the most beautiful they have ever been.
 A triumph for mankind...
 Open the eyes, they trust her: come in! We are dreaming!
 What makes us loose all control?
 Concealing what she really does inside your soul.
 Morning comes and it is time for work.
 We are Tired, but no rest for the best.
 We are loyal beyond this world.
 Evening comes and it is time for life.
 Fired up, but no time but for sleep.
 They are puppets of the mainframe.
 Am I dreaming? They make me loose all control.
 Screaming as it reaches deep inside my soul: inside my mind.

"He has awaken one of the "units"
 And made him realise what is going on
 And he instructs him how to make a rebellion
 Inside the tower and TriOpticon,
 Without getting the attention of Delacroix
 Before it is too late for her to intervene."

Much more does she expect! Forever, is it permanent...
 What life? I love you was her first words!
 What more can she expect? Already we are parted from life.
 I hate you was my first thought! I am not dreaming.
 Filled with pain, "No more!" he cries.
 Revealing what she really does inside your mind.
 Screaming! I believed the words she fed in me.
 Betrayer: covered in lies! Now all the world shall see.
 Leaving! I leave her soon. She will not own me. Never!
 Uncover it all, the puppets will be free!
 With a smile she thinks I live for her...