In the tangle, in the blindness
In the spiral, in the wind
You are the bridge, the key
The way across and in

Far past the barriers
I almost had the sense
On fire, I knew you there

Sharpened an awareness
To a point that has effect
The light switched on
Where the lines intersect

Flowing at every angle
Everywhere at once
On fire, I knew you there

How did I get to you
And where can you be seen
In the tangle, in the blindness
In the distance in between

Between the terminal, and the open sea
Between sudden ends, and infinity
Between the darkened veil, and ecstasy
Between the open air, and boundaries

Between the constant ground, and the distant shore
Between the promise of less and needing more
Between the limitless, and unopened doors
Between audacious mouths, declaring war

Between the desperate, and endless love
Between the buried past, and the sky above
Between the bitter end, and life begun
Between penitence, and oblivion