Cold winds bring me the memories
Dark feelings arise in my wind
I remember when I was watching
In your mystic red eyes, master!
I remember when you gave me this secret
and I got eternal immortality
We were drinking human blood
We became the Dark Evil beast

Like the spirits without bodies
We were flying in the sky
Our hearts we've lost in dust
Then other dimension invited us!

Evil - it sounds like nocturnal howling
of wolves thirsty for the blood
Darkness - it looks like an ultimate
form of everlasting night
Blood - it tastes like a wine
from the blackest grapes of sin

And I known the final destiny
I saw the dark gates of graveland
So I entered the world of Darkness

Where the sun has died in the past
Walking by the path of another world
I kiss the magical Arcan...
And now we are the same again
with my Great - Master - Baphomet!

I used the Powers of Darkness
for my spiritual rebirth
Light of Lucifer inflamed my way
So I'll be back like funeral wind...