Today I think I'll rearrange my face
Put the old familiar in a different place
When I was young and had the time
I used to rearrange my mind
Today I think I just might change my name
Since I was born it's always been the same
Whenever someone sees my face
They always have to call me Grace
Today I think I just might change my name
(Change my name, change my name)

Today I think I'll put on something strange
Monotonous, to always look the same
You think you know what's right to wear
Well, I don't know and I don't care
Today I think I'll dress up like a none
(I don't know, I don't care)

Today I think I'll call my boss a fool
She criticizes everything I do
She says I'm lucky to have this job
She thinks I'm just a lazy slob
Today I think I'll quit
(Take a link, break that ring
Quit the ground, don't call me Grace)