[from Fat Wreck Vol. 3: Physical Fatness Comp.]So here I stand, Alone by the side of the road, And I'm reaching for you, Someone to hold, something to cling to.  I close my eyes, I shove my hands in my pockets and smile, And the darkness drifts away, I'm at peace, if only once in a while.  Well, I'm feeling hurt, And I fought back some tears of my own, But there's something to be said for the ones Who face the darkness alone.  You're too cool to care; Too self-righteous to see and believe.  It's a bond we'll never break; A chance for one more change of heart.  You don't understand.  There's nothing to say.  When everything seems lost, You can bet we'll somehow find a way.  Did your ever think about the ones on top?  Do you have the strength to shout it ready or not?  So I never thought I'd be the one complaining, But I can't believe it's been inside me all this time.  so here i stand!