Come together to tear down the sky 
Deny revelations seen with my eyes 
Alone together, we breathe as one 
We suffocate under the frozen sun 

We work together to eliminate time 
Destroying ourselves, ignoring the signs 
We've gone too far, there is no turning around 
So dig your grave beneath the frozen ground 

The cracks start to show 
I don't know if the ice will hold 
The winter of torture never ends 
Summer dies and it starts again

The shapes in the snow 
Are made by souls with nowhere to go 
This winter of torture never ends 
We all die, then it just starts again 

We pray together to make the world end 
To bathe in the blood of our families and friends 
Unknown conclusions, the loss of control 
You can't go to hell if you don't have a soul 

Gather together to poison the air 
We take our last breath and still we don't care 
No motor functions; your vision is blurred 
Lying in a pile of dead boys and girls