When I was out and down Shackled by cold dark redemption I got the moon and sun Shinin' like never before I'm gonna hit the ground I been released from the tension And I don't need no gun Don't wanna fight it no more
The vertigo, the fatal blow Awaken me, it's always the same
But now you come to me And you wanna ask me a question And how it's gonna be Long is the road in your life
Inside of me, I finally see The loneliness is gone like a friend
You make me sing Just like a hummingbird There's gonna be a change in the weather Inside this craziest dream That I ever did have Now I know, we shall be free
I feel the afterburn into a flame like an ember And now I gotta go It's all that you want, Hear me sigh You know it's my concern I just want to remember And this is all you need You won't ever know so you try