Lonely girl, rainy night 
Lookin' for that number 
She needs someone to treat her right 
There's plenty of men she could call 
But she wants him most of all 
Oh God, I hope he's home tonight 
She needs a love from a real exciter 
She needs the allnighter, 
The allnighter 

He's the one, the one she calls 
When she gets that feeling 
Some nights she just can't stop herself 
He's tough and tender, a soul bender 
Ain't no service he can't render 
He touches her like nobody else 
He brings out the love, love, love deep inside her 
He's the allnighter 

Now when all the stimulation let's you down, down, down 
And there ain't no medication layin' around, 'round, 'round 
Ya feel your little heart begin to pound and pound 
He's a satisfier of that one desire 

Other guys come and go 
They may try, but they don't know 
Ev'ry girl needs special care 
Oh, he's so bad, he's so good 
He makes it feel just the way it should 
Nobody else can take her there 
He's the real thing, the pure delighter 
He's the allnighter 
The allnighter