two bat wings
a raven's tongue
seven eyes of newt
three dead flies
a dirty skull
and one old leather boot
throw it in a boiling pot
and what have you got?

wait until dark

four rat tails
a reptile heart
a salted pair of lips
five old bones
a spider leg
you can't f**kin miss
bless it with a witch's hex
and what happens next?

your name's on the lips of my coven
we whisper things you desire
bathing our skin in the moonlight
in fame, fortune and fire
it's painful my love if you want it
like cats sing from the heat
be careful what it is that you wish for
it might not be what you dreamed

draggin' your bones

I sleep with one eye open
don't let no witchcraft bring me down
I move with the wind
keep my ear to the ground
confess my sins
from hell I will turn
pull my shades at night
and shield myself from the sun
shield myself from the sun yeah

I can feel it comin
draggin your bones around

I swore through my whiskey
that I would never be so blind
then you came for me
draggin all your skulls behind
like a vampire
you drank my blood
I know I'm doomed
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your eyes yeah

what haunted things lurk behind your eyes
you try to bleed me,
drain me, suck me dry

I sleep with one eye open
watch like a hound from hell
dead to the world outside
this time I cannot fail
there ain't no rest for me
with you on the creep
stay away
and let me rest in peace
rest in peace yeah