It was nine o'clock and the pale eye of the moon was high
When i strapped on my gun and tried to forget the sun
I heard the daughter of darkness she called my name
Let no man, good or evil, stand in my way

You got the evil spell
You took my heart away and locked it up down in hell
Never let me go
What is this burnin pain i feel in my soul?

I find her waitin for me beneath the hot spanish sky
Unveiled and perfect her skin like aztec gold
From lips of fire i hear the endless song she sings
Satan's western star has a hold on me

I heard mother mary warn me to stay away
The touch of holy water burns like acid rain
But nothin can save me from this fate
Now that she's shown me her deep dark secret place

Exsequor inritus irritus (fill this void)
Cum mei carus dolor (with my beloved's misery)