I woke up this morning opened up my eyes
decided to take hold of my life
it’s been so long since I’ve seen an early dawn
the sun is at my back and I’m alive

here I come like an angry bull
alive or dead I’m runnin for the red

viva (stand up)
revolución (ya)
I shake my fists
I shake my fists at the sun

I got to my feet and started the day
I’m moving on and I ain’t looking back
cursed be those who try to hold me down
tears of love won’t make me stay

gotta face this change with an open-minded heart
don’t let it take us all too far south
I’ve come to fight there’s a new door up ahead
if it ain’t open I’ll kick it down

when I play my song you hear the music from my soul
round and round this mad world I go
sometimes in this life there’s only one choice to make
so join me now or get out of my way