like a bullet shattered darkness
the southern witch appears
to fill my head with thirst
for the taste of just one tear
the heat of blazing eyes
burns my heart to coals
she’s got me where she wants me
one drink short of her soul

my eyes trace the contours
of the tattoos on her skin
that lead within the confines
of the glory born to men
night after night I follow
a slave to this thirst
I pray that she will heal me
as my face falls to the dirt

yo soy, yo soy
sangre de la luna
ella canta
she sings
listen to the song she sings

Mexican moonshine

I’m servin out my time
in this god forsaken place
she circles my shadow
but I never touch her face
still she holds me
in the web she has spun
painting all her colors
in my world devoid of sun

yo soy, yo soy
sangre de la luna
lloró al Diablo
she sings
whoa she sings