it was cold late november
the witching hour near
the wind howled through the gallows tree
no one shed a tear

I felt the rope around my neck
a man the world forgot
I knew right then what I had to do
so I said goodbye to god

I slept in transylvania
walked with the undead
rode the night with jesse james
reveled in my sins

I hung with no signs of life
yet I still I lived
to hell with dyin with regrets
the grave it don't forgive

look to the west
cross my heart and die
remember who I am oh lord
when they hang me high
hang me high

there’s only one chance in this life
to do or die is all
a thousand ways I might go
one’s just as good as them all

I dredged up my heartbeat
stole one more breath
cut the rope around my throat
now I cheated death