way down south past a ghost town or two
where the crack of leather carries a tune
I met a girl and we danced in the moonlight
before the sunrise she was my bride

as marauders and bandits we rode through streets
laid to waste the corpse of our dreams
we haunted the cities and drank our delight
wherever we pleased we lay for the night

the summer moon destined to die
bonfires burnin bright

dia de los muertos

the autumn moon it came with a moan
parades of colors danced with the bones
her face grew pale where it was once gold
inside my madness she was so cold

I turned and rolled my eyes to the white
straight through the heart with a bowie knife
one second separates man and a beast
possession is so strong and I am so weak

the autumn moon rose in the sky
bonfires burnin bright

is she dead or is it me?