Hey miss whattup? Tone got luck
I wore a lot of jewelry and I never got stuck!
Cats like the way I write, dressed like a superstar
Take care of family so I don't have stupid cars
Peace to all the single ladies, struggle with a rough life
Baby daddy threaten that's aight, check out my man Trife
Represent Stapleton, raised in the West
780 Anderson, now I'm the best
Stoppin all bets, slammin niggaz like Barkley
Back in my reefer days, sellin you parsley
Always kept aluminum, bags in the car seat
Them not show doin them, that's where the NARCs be
Came to play no games and stay in your lane
and the ratchet's on your brain and fuck entertainment y'all
The big spender rock a robe in November
I never broke but I throw my trees up in the blender

Yeah, how you like it baby?
You want a good time, you alright, you alright?
C'mon, how you like me baby?
You have a good time tonight?

Yo! Better shoe spots, red and blue drops
I used to serve those, those my rooftops
Dane cracked the window when the fuckin room's hot
If my CD was skippin get a different boombox
New socks full of Polo, champ rugged low Mocc's
So hot, right before I popped the fuckin show stopped
You can't box, I seen better hands on an old clock
The old ox never marked you, I'ma blow pop
Prophesized Don it's me, aqua blue mink
And my bitch arms'll be, 20 G's scrill
Niggaz like "Pardon me," I'ma be honesty
Your man with the Dom P more like Sean Connery
Heard he fight crime like the old man Barnaby
Givin you the business, crackheads and the wannabeez
And I keep drugs in the Tony Starks pharmacy
Desperate Housewives slobbin me cause they honor me

Hey, Mister! Please let my niggaz in
Thugs and my women in, you don't want no problem with meeeeee
We got them burners on the dancefloor
Goons is already in, shanks and machetes in
Three to the head again, Ghost Remy Hennesy
All y'all haters wit'chall math off