Click click bang he, he, he

I'm sick of niggaz trying to shoot the big six
But when the shit jumps off the nigga plays the big bitch
And that's the problem with the nation of blacks
Too slow with your motherfucking hands so you grab your gats
And listen to the gangsta music

You got a glock-ten in your lap but you scared to use it
You's a motherfucking stud
Letting all your homies know you bought another gun
Suppose they tried to pack you, dropped your dick in the dirt
And know exactly how to send it at you

Trying to work your way into the big clique
And that's the main reason young niggaz die quick
Living in this fast shit and trying to have a bad bit
But what you niggaz know about a bank roll
Tricking off the money you made with them stank hoes
Think about it quick quick and raise up bitch

Now the niggaz I run with are down brothers
And ready to die for a motherfucker
So when you want to step mate
I'm a bust you dead in your ass with this twelve gauge
I ain't your ordinary villain

Some niggaz was born dying I was born killing
So gather up your army G
Cause that's what it's going to take to stop a nigga like me
cause I'm coming at you full force nigga
I hope you got some real niggaz on the trigger

Cause I be rolling like a hustler
And since you got gats you better use them motherfuckers
Sparking nines at a drastic pace
Taking orders from a motherfucking basket case

So when my nine goes pop
Boy you better shit and get your ass up off the pot
Fuck 'em up listen to my glock click
Now raise up bitch

So niggaz don't fuck with me
Cause I'm a run the whole ninety motherfucking three
And the rest of the years to come
So bitches bring it on if you motherfuckers want some
And I'm a break you off a big piece

Cause niggaz can't fuck with the big chief
Attention motherfuckers about face
Salute the one that the people call Scarface
Still quick to hit them up, quick to get them up
Quick to not give a fuck, never bringing the false shit

I left the mic for a year and I still ain't lost it
Still running them down, gunning them down
Yeah, 'cause real niggaz going to clown
So put your crown on since you're bigger
And let me take care of my business nigga

The bigger the nigga the bigger the cap
The bigger the bullet the bigger the fucking gatt
So step up with that hoe shit and I'm a empty the whole clip
Ain't no running like a rabbit
Cause I'm a let you motherfuckers have it

Let the motherfucker blast
And bring your hat to your motherfucking ass
Cause niggaz ain't true to it, you're new to it
And don't know what to do to it
But I ain't never had that kind of luck
If you're scared to bite the bullet then raise the fuck