Staying alive, breathing the day
Finding the way to stare at the sun

Diamonds are forever
And if freedom is today, slavery is tomorrow
Love! Peace! Life! Music!

Evolution's at the door
High technologies select
Love and passion belong to future generations to protect
Nuclear winter shining in your eyes
Hesitation mustn't make your day
Nuclear winter flashing in the skies
Hibernation save our children plays

Don't you see
Diamonds are forever
Freedom is today
Slavery tomorrow
Don't you see
Diamonds are forever
Winter is today
Summer is tomorrow

Revolution in their hearts
And the music in their souls
It's a gathering lonely, hatred blending in with all their goals
Nuclear winter blowing down the fun
Hesitation left to yesterday
Nuclear winter melting in the sun
Hibernation mustn't shade our days

Staying alive, finding the way
To stare at the sun

Don't want nuclear winter
We want FREEDOM!