Life is hard and it's road is rough
And I'm on my grind but it's not enough
All I do is try, time is passing by
I cry, the sky

The other day I got a call out the blue, a homie that I did know
Grew up with him see he was like my big bro
Then he said you getting big yo keep it up and never quit
I always knew you had a sick flow
He said yo I got some good news
He said you 'bout to be an uncle
I said what you mean I'm confused
He said he just became a father and it wouldn't be much of a bother
Wanted me to meet his daughter
Baby moms wasn't cool with him
But he said he wasn't mad, then he said he couldn't wait to be the dad he never had
He wanted to be there for her
Stick around for her
For more than just weekends, always down for
I sent him a text, a real man would make that choice
But it was clear that he was ready
There was lightning in his voice
Said he was finna change his ways
Past bein' in the hood
And how hustling he left them days
A week later then he called back
His heart racin'
I premature baby born in need of an operation
Docs made a mistake and he was torn
She had died a week after she was born
True story

I swear the struggle is addictive
You choose to leave sides
Leaves a mark on you like a bad tattoo
But you can't escape from it, you can't be excused
Where every time I call him it just more bad news
My little partner Justin
The one that never really getting in no trouble through
'Cause he was really bustin' ass
Never find him skippin' a class
Working hard for those good grades
Tryin to pass yeah
He had a grandma that was on him 'bout college
See he was always wealthy with the knowledge
Young king above it all flyin' doin' his thing
He used to spit a little bit of poetry he would bring
Out of his book of rhymes, and now he lost him mind
Another individual sucked into the grind
Droppin' outta school lost thinkin' its cool
Takin' sex to the dome, just ignoring the rules