A few years have passed away 
When she said goodbye to her love 
I told her not to wait at home 
Drown in tears alone and frown 

Warm touch of ash is like a fire 
In her lap she's got a creeps 
She puts off her dress of fire 
Like a groaning autumn trees 

At the horizon the crescent disappears 
The gloomy black night is coming soon 
Salubrious breeze for her soul 
Time of fury wakes her up 

Christmas moon shining 
So full still bright 
Make me pure 
I renounce my sins 

Inside of this mist 
Of shady lights 
In wicket I'm wincing 
Got frozen by cold 

It is snowing 
The wind takes the light away 
The wind's blowing 
The snow drifts my footsteps