The sun is burning a window panes 
And I'm losing the way in delusion 
O' sweet summer no chance to focus 
In the smoky room I'm searching for a bottle 
That's not my day 

Life for me is a suffering 
Pain is knocking on the door 
I can't sleep-damn caffeine 
Night follows day - I'm rotting 

Sunset comes slow needles smelling everywhere 
Filled with the haze I'm waiting for the rain 
O' sweet summer I'm unable to sin 
In the smoky room I'm searching for bottle 
It's not time of mine 

Last summer days 
Are coming to soon 
I know that this symptom 
Slowly fades away 
A' my sweating bottle 
Lover at first sight 

Summer, summer 
Last summer days 
I'm entering to hell 
Mind breaks down 
I hate myself 
And I'm falling into faintness 
That's not my day