[Female Singing] You don't know
[Freeway - talking] Whoo..on the grind, uh, so gangsta, don't ya agree? uh
[Female Singing] You don't know
[Freeway - talking] This just in case y'all dunno how it go down in the hood
Freeweezy here to break it down to ya
[Verse 1 - Freeway]
Tryna to survive in the hood everyday
Takes, everything you work with
Everything you got quick
From the cops wyle off the product
Show em what helped a lot but I can't get it
I hugged the block, light an L
Let my man hit it and ran with it
Sell it nixed to the pops
Hate to tell ya if he don't get it from me
Then he gon get it somewhere else
Sometimes I would if I was somewhere else
Me and my man on the corner with two crates
Picture us rollin, somewhere else
Pretendin to be pushin the V's
Then two fiends walked up to me
Brought me back to reality
He want three and he want five
But my packed stash (why) cuz the cops act like I'm Lil' Cease
Crush on me, keep rollin by
Tryna to put the cuffs on my black ass literally
[Chorus - Freeway   (Female Singing)]
(You don't know)
How it is in the hood so Freeway bring the hood to your front porch
My niggaz duck court pour weed in the woods
Set up shop and move rocks on the front step
(You don't know)
How it is in the ghetto the tech blow hear shots echo
We can't let go, stuck on the block
Stuck in the hood, street niggaz up to no good
[Verse 2 - Freeway]
No rules, no trees just a lot in the push
My ? in the house, read my mouth
Fuck the D's got a pocket to push
Send fleas in the opposite way
Quarter to one guess I stop at the ?
Gimme a grub, count up the profit I made
Rule number one-aca