You've seen him many times, 
There's no use denying, 
I've heard you on the phone 

I've even followed you to all the places were you've secertly have been alone 

I even know about the times when you would say to me that you was overwhelmed with work, 
you had to stay longer working overtime, 
but you were always lying, 
Baby I might be dumb but I'am not blind 

At times I feel like I want to break down inside 

I got to find a way out cuz this is tearing me to pieces, I just want to make it right 

Is this what you call love explain to me baby, Is this really what you want from me
(Is this what you want from me) 

I'am losing my patience, just hear what I'am saying You don't want to break the family
(Don't break this family) 

Is this what you call love 
Then you got it all wrong 
This isn't the way our lives should be 
I just won't allow somebody to become between us 

Is this what you call love 
Is this what you call love 

You come home late at night, 
Pretending it's alright, acting like you're doing nothing wrong, As you lay down right
beside me, inside I'am dying 

You just don't understand the pain that you have put me thru (just don't understand) 

After all the thing I have ever done for you, sometimes I rather be alone 
than have a broken home 
whatever happened to forever, cuz I still want to know, explain to me you change of heart 

Is this what you call love