Behold the swarming horde below
Strengthen your resolve
Grip your steel with growing faith
Foresee the fray unfold
Banners fly defiantly
The totems of the tribe
Stubborn pride swells inside 
The calm before the storm

An awe-inspiring sight
A bold display of might
The zeal we wield will drive the enemy from the field
A seething wall of rage
A host of souls ablaze
The power that flows will smash the spirit of the hated foe

The downpour of arrows and chorus of steel
The pounding clamour of board on shield
Shoulder to shoulder on sacred soil
Smouldering passions ready to boil
Thriving on fury, driven to kill
Aggression sustained by unshakeable will
Pillars of prowess, forever to stand
Till the steel should fall from our cold, dead hands

Morning light defines the lines
The thirst for combat builds
Dreams of fame and lofty deeds
And oaths to be fulfilled
Weapons drum their doomful beat
The sound of iron on lind
A final boast and fervent cry
And then the strife begins

Sworn to duty till the whirlwind wanes
To toil and sweat until the sun descends
We'll leave their dead beneath a blackened sky
And hail the gods that we endure and abide