Bret: To be honest with you, being in um, being in an 
obviously popular folk band, um, you know, we get our 
perks, um... 
Jemaine: Tell them how, um, lots of women always want 
to kiss us. 
B: Yeah. Sometimes- well, not sometimes, often- after 
the show, women, and girls, they want to kiss us. 
J: Yeah. Well, that's true, I suppose, I never really 
thought about that, but yeah, now that you come to 
mention it... 
B: But, um... Nah, it's a lot of fun. 
J: It's quite nice. 
B: Yeah. 
J: I mean, it's only polite to go along with it. 
B: If someone kisses you, you just don't say "no," you 
know, do you? 
J: Well, not if they paid twenty bucks. 
B: *pause* To see the show, to see the show. 
J: Or fifteen bucks, concession 
B: Yeah. 
J: Get a little kiss. 
B: Yeah. Sort of a student kiss. 
J: *Laughs* Student kiss? 
B: Pensioner kiss, that sort of stuff. Just a little 
peck, it's a bit dry, sort of comes away with you. But, 
J: A group concession kiss. 
B: True, yeah. Ten, if there's ten, you know, it's 
obviously... works out for everyone. There are two 
types of guys, you've probably all heard that, um... 
J: Yeah, I've heard that. 
B: And, um... 
J: Yeah, I'm one of them, and Bret's the other-- 
B: I'm the other sort. Yeah, pretty much got it 
covered. But when it becomes, uh, not well, I guess a 
problem, sort of, you have a kiss, and then sometimes 
they want to take it a little bit further, *music 
starts* and that's when it becomes inappropriate for 
someone that you've only just met.