Lurid Impurity
Lusting for the feeling of impurity
A feeling I cannot hold back, uncontrollable

Wanting, needing, lurid impurity
Dreaming of a time when my needs are fulfilled
Embracing the feeling of impurity, my need for filth
Fulfilling.. satisfying.. lurid impurity

Looking for a victim for my needs to be violated
Sickness, in my mind, twisted thoughts, insane, they
control me
Controlling every thought, every move, delving,
into madness

Innocent people pray for my soul, lurid impurity
Lurid impurity

I cannot believe the thoughts that cross my mind
They make some people puke, they make me
get a hard on

Insanely sick and twisted, I love it
I love it
Fulfilling... Satisfying... Lurid Impurity