I'm givin' the town a reddish paint you know
So far away from my home
Cracking the bottle a swig is all I need now or never
I drink like a fish and I'm swilling down my dreams
They stare at me naked
Tiddly tipsy pissed and drunk I wish
You would be here on my side

And when I awoke in burning daylight bright
All the pretty women left me and got out of sight so
You can't take it with you better live it up
Guess that was a dream but jacuzzi dreams will never stop

So I drank them pretty whiskey in the spa
And a million women sang with whiskey in the spa
So I drank them pretty whiskey in the spa 
Someone help me out now there's still whiskey in the jar

I'm drunk as a lord and oh so far from home
Come be the way now for me
Hitting the bottle for me there's just one way
To get over cold nights

So won't you take a look I'm on a spree in this jacuzzi
We're having a drink till the moon will sink and swoon
The moon must swoon