There's a secret fire still glowing deep inside
And when my world is fallin' it keeps shinin' through the night
There's a secret bond that gives me shelter from the storm
And when the wind is ragin' it will keep me safe and warm

Now she is a vision and she seems so far away
But all I have to do is make a trip to Clifden Bay
I know that she is waitin' like a Jewel in the sand
She's my eternal fire, she will always take my hand

Oh, she's my secret fire
Still glowin' in the dark
She's the lost desire of my heart
Oh, she can take me higher I'll never lose her faith
I won't forget the love That she once gave

White birds on the foam, dancin' with the roaring sea
My heart is flying with them and the salt la kissin' me
This scene will never end, it's like a mark upon my soul
Some day I will return with all the love that I once stole