How does it feel when your little world's broken 
Everything's splattered with dirt 
Too many words full of poison I've spoken 
Now you are finally hurt 
Nobody came from the outside to touch us 
The enemy came from within 
He came with his fear and with fear he did seize me 
Tell me now where to begin 

Welcome again to my hour of darkness 
I put a spoke in my wheel 
I was the fool who just gave it away 
But this was the way I did feel 

I couldn't help but I 
I'll set it straight 
No need to hide behind doubts 
And I'm begging you please 
Won't you hear me I'm calling, so 

Take me out of this darkness 
And right back into the light 
Show me how can I get back to you 

Welcome again to this hour of darkness 
The shadows are finally back 
All of my nightmares are waltzing Mathilda 
Better I turn on the light