We go and leave no trace at all 
At first we fly but then we fall 
So many days have passed us by 
With eyes of wonder we're still asking why 
I didn't mean to think of you 
But there is nothing else that I can do 
So I think about this pain 
I'm losing you so was it all in vain 

I'm burning up this endless road 
I'm going places in this endless world 
Everywhere I see your face 
In any cloud in any foreign place 

There's no way to cheat myself 
There's no way to cheat the way I feel 
There's no way to blind myself 
Tell me now how can I get a grip of it 

No need to go all the way 
I know what I have to know 
No need to feel all this pain 
Come on won't you help me 

Come on and help me if you can 
I'm calling out to you to lend a hand 
My love is floating with the wind 
It can't be wrong to sing a song of love 
Fiddlers Green - No Need Ringtone 
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