Don't close your eyes
You see them when you watch TV
Their stupid lies against a poor minority
So count me out
I'll never march among their crowd
Don't count on me
Cause I'm all fascists' enemy

I don't care about the colour of your skin
I don't care from where you come
Or where you've been
Their point of view is not what I call liberty
Their stupid hate, it terrifies and frightens me

Ireland is my inspiration
Don't give a fuck for segregation
Don't count me to their load of crap
I'll never be a living dead, oh no

We drain our glass with every nation
Don't give a fuck for segregation
And Mehmet is a friend of mine
We drink together feelin' fine, oh yeah

Don't spend the night with a fascist
Better spend the night with us
Don't throw a stone, don't be a racist
If you ain't got a job don't join that mob