Bugger off, you bastards, bugger off!
Bugger off, you bastards, bugger off!
Like a herd of bloody swine who refuse to leave the trough
You'll get no more this evening, so bastards, buggar off!

You've been a lovely audience, but aye your time has past
Now don't you all be letting the door hit you in the ass
You've been a splendid audience, but enough is enough
We'd take it very kindly if you all just bugger off

Here's to all barkeep' and waitresses been serving you your beer
They've put up with your noxious breath and stupid drunken leers
Be leaving all your money on the table when you go
Tomorrow you'll have a throbbing head and nothing else to show

Here's to all the lovely ladies who might be waiting for the band
And thinking one of them might make a charming one night stand
Oh, please don't take offence because this son's not meant for you
We'd be happy to oblige you when this nasty job is through

Now you're promising the ladies a night of loving bliss
When truth be told you're far too drunk to stand up straight and piss
So give it up you bloody sots, you'll no be getting laid
The sooner that you're out the door the sooner we'll be paid