We always stick together when push comes to shove
We keep the same wave of friendship
From problems with the law to countless enjoyed shows
fill bong with pieces of bullshit

four hundred twenty years on the road
We've got the spirit of nightlife
"Piss drunx crew" in the chaos of sacred nights
Come closer and I'll show you our life

We came as complex, one beast, one soul, we are family
we are kids of the piss of this era
every minute with friends is used to the fullest, bitch!
Feel like the whole in war, piss drunx army

The bunch of freedom and liberty
Walking in to random squaer's bars
Groupies and alcohol after dark
never forget dirty bastards

One hour, one week, one month, forever watch
I wish I don't care about the time
I do not care about days and nights

when we're together here or there, everywhere
do not watch the time
do not watch the days
always everywhere

do not forget anymore!