Ha ha ha ha
I'm a Ghetto Superstar nigga
Most niggas trying to get one chick, right?
I'm trying to get two
You know
Two is always better than one, right?

I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone 
It's 151's prone, that have you and hun's stoned
Trying the unknown 
Doing things I know y'all parents wouldn't con-done
It's you, her, and me, eyes too blurred to see
Speech too slurred to G
But you know "Young'n" would love ta, see ya upon each other
Feeling on me while tongue'n each other
Wow! it's a wonderful thing 
To have a pretty female under each wing
The cake can prob'ly Pollie, both of these Bobby Darlies
That take off their Rockavalis?
My job is gnarly, from getting slobbed on Harley's
Getting smoke from the supplier, robbing Marley
I hope this ain't took in wrong
But ma now I wanna see how both of y'all look in thongs

I got a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
I suggest it be best if we get by
Said a bad bitch on my left side (oww)
Bad bitch on my right side (okay)
I suggest it be best if we get by

I'm willing to geese 'em, if they're feeling a threesome
I'm pulling up in the GT before the dealers release them
I ain't with the blazay blah
Cause I hold the record for the most Menage à Trois and lama taje I got a bad chick on my left lap
Bad chick on my right lap
Do as I suggest, I confess
At my request, they gonna get right
So when you see lipstick on both cheeks
That means I slip dick in both freaks
They started calling me Two Time Johnny
After repeatedly leaving the club wit two damn mami's
This brother done had 'em
From close friends, the girls who all know each other from Adam
I'm always this humble boo
HELL YES! it's cool for your girlfriend to come through too

At the most it'll take an hour together
To get these girls from dancing wit each other, into taking showers together
They know, it's a studio in Fab crib
One of y'all can rock the mic while the other one ad-libs
Boo, my government is personal 
But I got enough sets of twins to make "Doublemint" commercials
After trying X
I can only imagine what y'all be trying next
The stacks that I be splurging, have girls in the back of the Excursion
Forgetting bout the fact that they was virgins
I don't care who you bringing wit you
Just let her know I'm poking her while I'm fingering you
I love that thing that you do
And I know about the tongue and nipple, but I ain't know you had a ring in it too
I can tell when they came, cause they start spelling my name
Like F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S (oww)