Every day, I think back to the way things were.
I can't imagine what i'd do, if I knew
This was the way, things were to turn.

The tables have turned, I regain my throne
Thrown away the me that you've known
You can try your hardest but its hard to see
Who I am when you're looking right through me
I'm not gonna be you want, I want to be who you're not!

You do your time and ill do mine.
I won't be made to be the fool this time.
No, no
These incisions are too deep to hide

You are the enemy
If you're not with me, then you're against me
All you need to know, is that I'm never letting go (yeah), I'm never letting go

Forget the wrong that ive done
The me that I've left behind
That's not me anymore
I picked myself off the floor.

Now I'm forever facing forwards
And there's no turning back
I can do this on my own
Because its all I've ever known.