welcome inside the well of despair
 here emotions are based upon fear
 where truth is nothing but pain
 and your punishment is to survive

 no more inside
 rejected and twisted insane
 trapped in a rootless cyclone
 that puts your puzzle apart

 alone and left in this cage
 the masters are pulling your strings
 too late you became aware
 that you live in this well of despair

 welcome onboard your oneway to hell
 that tracks to your darkest inside
 utopia is what you lose
 when you're trapped in this dome of despair

 no more outside
 reflecting and waiting in vain
 chained with you demons behind
 drained and now empty inside

 it hurts to conquer in this darkness
 to burn the bridges to your past
 it hurts when no one knows you failing
 the pain when no one's there to catch your fall