The utter annihilation, condemnation to its core
The heathen skull, the savage lord, sharpened blades his soul devour
Submissive to the thought of death, commotion grows again
The angel dark, Lucifer, now rules his world and land
The sound is like insects in his brain
The act of the shadow archetype
Deceived from his pack, the lone wolf went insane
His eyes of the darkest, went dead and none to say
His thoughts, full of reptiles, his dreams were full of snakes
Those sliding through the sewer, where the rats are full of plague
So rise tall and never down again
Die more to live it all again
So tall and prominent, his darkest lords
Cast aside the truth inside, legions of war
Servant son lost his way, blind river in the dark
Evil bound, crucifix, let the fire burn