Pledge to the darkest battle of death
Now distinct the sirens alarm
Bullets and bombers, pale corpses align
Stench from the rotten so foul
Dirty, sweaty
Our frontlines are marching so strong
Bloody existence
Art of destruction at will
Lawless decisions, righteous our visions
Erasing the filth from our globe
Set all on fire, burn our their womb
So violent the cascades of blood
Now fearless soldiers walk for the compound
'Cause all we have is all to win
We plague the belly of the beast
And all we leave is utter death
Imperium fall
Clash of the tyrants, the strongest of all
Rebirth at the death by the sword
Sparks from the fire lit up the skies
We march through the eye of the storm
Ready, aim
Lock on the target confirmed
Rotten, forgotten
Ignition explosion erased