I'm really lonely
For those jazz blues only
Since I heard those jazzin' babies play them;
Each time I hear them, Lordy, how I weep and moan
To hear that old slide trombone
And that moanin' saxaphone!
I feel like weeping
When I hear those jazz musician babies play; they harmonize together;
I'd rather hear them than to have a million dollars in my hand
Jazz baby blues say something that you can understand
Those jazzin' blues are driving me insane
There's nothin' to them but that blue refrain;
Don't want no sugar in my tea
Jazz baby blues are sweet enough for me
For when the band starts jazzin'

People's feet are on a spree
Each time I hear those blues I want to scream
To hear the clarinet and that violin
Just let that piano man jazz and strum
Oh, it makes me think of the good things that my sweet daddy's done
'Cause when the band starts jazzin'
Play 'em 'til the stock man comes
Now, wouldn't that good music drive you insane
There's nothing to them but that blue refrain
When that cornetist's blues begins to play
Oh, it makes me get up and throw my little self away
Just play those good old jazzin' baby blues all night and day