My children, attend my words
Let them not depart from thy eyes
Keep them in the midst of thy heart
For they are life unto those that find them and health within all their flesh
Put away from thee a forward mouth and greet thine perverse lips

"I am the only God, worship me"

My sons, attend unto my wisdom and bow thine ear to my understanding
That thou mayest regard discretion and thy lips may keep knowledge as you know how to learn and keep silence

Hear me now therefore o ye children and depart not from my mouth
Come not nigh the door of my house if facility gives thee honour unto others

Incline thyself unto cruelty and walk the flesh which is consumed
Drink waters out of their cistern and let their rivers flows unto thy streets
Then thou may not regard my discretion and thy lips may not keep thy knowledge
As I know how to make you learn and to keep silence

Then hereunto is the end of our Key
In the name of God, the "righteous", the "merciful" and eternal
Who liveth and reigneth throughout the ages
777 777 777 777 777 777 777