Paranoia slowly starts to take effect.
His huge fortune has created many enemies.
In haste he searches for solitude.
Secluded from the outside world, he lives in a fragile sense of security.

Locked away he hopes to find peace of mind,
but instead he's haunted by the terrifying images in his dreams.
Images of those whose lives he so mercilessly helped to destroy.

All of that money you've made
From all of those souls with their lives they've paid now
Lost your pride, locked inside
Where's the light at the end of the road

Blame and sorrow
No more day, just, tomorrow
Close the door, turn the key
Lock the misery away!
You're living in an ivory tower

All of the guilt you should feel when all of the torment you caused was real
Truth you've found, changed your made
At the end of the road there's a light

So many places, hidden lies, saddened faces
Close the door take the key, try and throw it away far, far away

In a solitary day
There's a solitary point of view
Hide the fear away!
That's the price you have to pay

They're coming to get you, put boards on your windows
It won't take 'em long 'till they find out a way
Don't sleep stay awake now, look over your shoulder
Your enemy's coming to take you away!

In a solitary day, there's a solitary point of view
Hide your fear away, it strips away the good in you