Death to your king in his glorified horror.
Killing time.
Bathing in his own beautiful sin.
Kill your maker and the shadows will unleash a forgotten soul.
Releasing the evil within.
The human nature of a bloodbath.
Born by the night.
Let them take praise to this extinction.
Who wears the horns now?
The psychotic thought that you gave us...
"Kill each other or I will kill you."
He has spoken with a forked tongue.
The prophecies begin to unfold.
You sold your soul to the devil for a day
And now your kingdom has fallen to his reign.
Don't you know?
You're the devils advocate... Satan's psychotic thought.
And in this dying hour of life,
The prophetic one leads the non-believers into war.
You had it all planned out.
And I saw at winters solace that you tried to freeze hell over.
Laugh at me while I burn in ecstasy.
Laugh at me while I burn.
One true Armageddon.
God is his own Antichrist