I feel alive
I feel your love, I hear you breathe
That shines all over me
I know it's another dream
I'm sleeping
Take your time do it right
Don't want to miss a thing
Let the show begin oh

Take my heart, take my soul
Don't ever let me go
Let's fool around with my instincts

I ain't in the mood for talking
And I don't want to wait

It must be right
Tonight I feel alive
So just sit tight
And make it happen
It must be you
So do the things you do

Turn off the light and
Make it happen

Start me up, shake me down
Don't let my feet touch the ground
Let me show you what you found, oh baby

Come to me, hold me close
Don't ever let me go
Lay down with me
Let's begin again and again

I ain't in the mood for talking...

Can't say no
I need you so
My body's letting go

I wanna say yes
You're the best