You're love's impossible 
You need too much to just survive 
If you possibly wanna fly... 

We're in the rhythm, 
The groove's forgiven, 
There's no mistake in my optimism. 
There's nothing hidden, 
Nothing's forbidden, 
The beat is driven. 

We got the feeling, 
We're operating 
Don't need no healing, 
At least I'm breathing. 
I'm estimating, 
I'll up the rating, 
Love’s for the taking. 

Baby, won't you slide with me, 
Stay close by with me. 
Baby, you can fly with me, 
It could be so good 
If only you can see that... 

Your love's impossible - 
You need too much to just survive. 
Get enough and you're gonna fly. 
Your love's illogical - 
With just one touch 
You run and hide 
Take your chances and take a ride. 

You got me vibing, 
So high we're riding. 
Don't stop this feeling, 
The sun is shining. 
It's no surprising, 
My sign is rising. 
Just keep on moving. 

Baby, won't you slide... 

Your love's impossible... 

Illogical, impossible 
Impossible - illogical /to love/ (2x) 
Impossible - illogical (2x) 
To love. 

Your love's impossible...