Not to say that I'm a matchmaker 
But when it comes to you 
You met your match 

You're inclined to leave me fascinated 
By the things you do 
My Baby Dance 

You can bet your bottom dollar honey 
I'll be with you through thick and thin 

I would love to give a testimony 
'Bout the way you are, you're my best friend 

I've been thinking of you 
Got me wondering what would I do 
Got me thinking I'll be true 
Got me wondering I'm thinking of you 
You're the one that makes my love light shine 
Every time, morning till night 

It's your sentimental way you show 
The kind of love you give 
Makes it allright 

What you give is extraordinary 
It's a way of life, I like to live 

I could be with you forever, 
'Cause lovin', gives me a thrill 

Girl, I appreciate 
The love we generate 
You keep me, satisfied 
Just the sun, that shines 
Deep in this heart of mine 
Your love shining through