(I) walk around, and take it all in 
Tell me now, where have I been? 
Nothin' like reality 
To get your mind in gear 

Lived my life to the extreme 
A lost road to my dream 
Found true reality 
And now my mind is clear 

I found out today 
Love's a better way 
In my heart I learned to listen 
I was wrong to stray 
Won't you let me stay 
You and I, baby, that's what's missin' 

Love is, love is 
Love is the greatest story 
Love is, love is 
Love is the power and glory 

Runnin' hard, from my past 
I was goin' nowhere fast 
Lookin' for a guarantee 
My mind was so unclear 

Played around, but never played smart 
Never listen to my heart 
Didn't know that your love 
Was right here waiting for me 

I found out today 
Love's the only way 
Baby let us stay together 
I was wrong 
But my heart is strong 
I'm loving you forever and ever 

Love is in my plan 
No greater love, than 
What I've grown to understand 
About being a man