He gets wild at night 
Gotta sleep all day 
Cause he's wound so tight 
Blowing his brains away 
He's in the land of the free 
And he wants to be 
Someone they all say will make good 
But what's reality when you're from the hood 
It's evil yea, yea, yea 

Evil, evil Roy, who is fooling who 
Don't you know evil 
Evil someone 
Watching you 

Well he got no job so he peddling-fear 
Trying to push so hard 
No way out of here 
It's just the law of the street 
Too much heat 

Pressure cooking, gonna explode 
But where you gonna be 
If you lose control 
It's evil yea yea yea 


Can't you see that your way 
Is going nowhere fast 
And your time is just running out 
Fighting fire with fire 
It will never pass 
If evil's what your life's about 

When you take never giving 
Hide the pain 
You stop living