G  G7                      G    G7
1. Midnight i think i'm gonna make it
               F7                                            G G7
   feel the magical lash of the roll and the crash in their lives
   G       G7             G  G7
   headline in tomorrow's papers
   kill that light it's so bright
                                      G G7
   and you're shining it right in my eyes  

   Cm                          Gm7          F7
R: Show me your secret and tell me your name
         Cm                      Gm7 F7
   catch me with your fizzy smile 
   Cm                    Gm7      F7
   try to remember again and again
           Cm                 Gm7
   what it is that i recognize
         F7     G
   don't ask me now
              Fadd9  B    C    G
   when i need you i don't know how
             C              G
   to believe in your advice
                 Fadd9 B   C   G
   just this once i take the dice

2. Midnight so what's the point of faking
   for a kiss or a whisper you pull out a desperate prize
   hold tight onto daddy's bracelet
   make them pay for their chances
   with money they don't think that's nice

R: Show me your secret...