Humanity is conformity 
Conformity is society 
Society is this reality 

The faces that saw me 
And the angles that warned me 
They told me to run 
And dispose of the gun 
I could have escaped 
Be gone with no trace 
Instead I just stayed 
Within societies gates 

Cos I can run but I can’t hide 
And I must justify 
The way I live my life 
Until the day I die 
I live within these gates 
I cannot go against 
So I must see it through 
There’s nothing left to do 

They said I was crazy 
And they called me a fool 
But words cannot change me 
And my respect for the rules 
I may be part of the system 
But if I could rule this land 
The rules would be different 
But I am just one man 

So I wish I was under a tree 
Far away from society 
Where the only truth in me 
Is the soothing sound of my own entity? 
While my other voice is free 
It expresses words of plea 
To return to a stable form of reality 
But I’m inside of that tree 
That tree is inside of another tree 
The perplexity is infinity 
So I will just chill with a spliff 

I can run but I can’t hide