You seem to me, like the perfect queen /
I'm over joyed that you're in to me /
I can't believe what is happening /
If only this love was meant to be /
Don't cry for me Señorita /
I'm already taken and i'll break your heart deeper /
Stand back into the light where I can see ya /
You're only a fantasy for me but I'm a dreamer /
In another life we could truly be together /
You could be my wife I could be yours forever /
Slow dance and hold hands in romance whenever /
Ride into the sunset in all kinds of weather /
Even if we had a little moment /
I gave my heart away to another /
She told me she would hold it /
And that she'd always be my lover /
I always thought I owned it /
But now I see we're made for each other /
I know I kinda loaned it to you /
But girl I can always be your brother