It always begins the same and then it ends again/ It's everywhere but the silence deafens me/ But that's about to change when/ Nothing is there and still I feel it follow me There is no chance I fear it seems so hopeless

Chorus: I like to see that/ You give and take back/ As I still bleed from the knife in my back/ Lines have been drawn/ who lost who won? When it's all over what side were you on?/ Now you decide what side whose side are you on?/ Now you decide what side whose side are you on?

You wanted this life/ you've gotten this life/ Nothing before and nothing again you realize/ will let you tolerate the/ Shit to which it seems you tend to gravitate/ While taking this for granted/ Never a want and never a care for anyone/ why is it hard to see it's all or nothing?


Whose side… I feel it forming closer/ Never was the one to want to walk the fine line/ The way I saw it was all in due time/ But the constant harassment, believing to no end/ Is what got the best of me/ The best of me… I feel it forming closer/ You wanted this life/ You've gotten this life/ You wanted this life/ You deserve this